Collect Mindfully- by Ruben Leal

Collect Mindfully- by Ruben Leal



You may have seen Hand Meets Sky use these words "Collect Mindfully". This is an idea that influences my vision and the HMS lifestyle. It means so many things. Quality over quantity, being present, experiencing life and what brings you the most joy. 
I shared this concept of Collect Mindfully with my closest friend Ruben Leal and he instantly understood. He lives his own life this way.  We both believe very strongly in the concept of Collect Mindfully and he graciously took some time to describe what it means to him. I couldn't have asked for a better representation of what Collect Mindfully encompasses.
Ruben and I have been best friends for over 20 years. We both grew up in New Mexico and have the same deep love for our cherished homeland. We were instant friends when we first met. He is the brother I never had was the person that walked my Mom down the aisle for my wedding and was my "Man of Honor". 
Thank you Ruben for sharing what Collect Mindfully means to you.
Collect Mindfully 

I have found that as I’ve gone through this life I’ve collected so much over time. I’ve collected all sorts of things from material possessions and memories to experiences and acquaintances. Most of the time those things have had some meaning and other times they have simply been lost or were fleeting. Sometimes those things have cost money and other times that cost may have been emotional or even spiritual.

One thing that I’ve learned to appreciate and always remember is that thought had gone into whatever I happened to come across no matter what it may have cost. I believe most people have experienced this on some level themselves. We all consciously have thought about that book we picked up from our favorite bookstore that sits on our book shelf. Or the shirt we just needed to have, or even that person you met so many years ago that you wanted to make your friend. That in and of itself is collecting. It’s what I like to think of as Collecting Mindfully.

Collecting Mindfully has come to mean so much to me especially in the past few years. I have become much more aware of what I surround myself with and what I choose to bring into my life. I’ve fallen so much more in love with the friends and family members I’ve kept close over the years. Always remembering and cherishing the amazing memories I’ve been collecting over our time together. I will always cherish that one special item I found in a little out of the way shop. Reminiscing about the way that it resonated with me so much that I chose to spend my last bit of money on it because of the connection I felt to it. To be able to stop for a moment and consider how much thought went into a shopkeepers decision to offer up a specific item for a specific purpose. That, to me, is so much more meaningful and special, no matter the cost. It truly is priceless in the end.

Hand Meets Sky is a perfect example of what Collecting Mindfully means. They’ve not only built a business but a beautiful and painstakingly assembled collection of pieces to cherish for a lifetime. Items that are more than just “things” to sell. You can feel the love in how they pick something that has a special meaning. A true and heartfelt connection to family, personal history, the land and a love of truth and authenticity while telling a story that shows in all that they do. It shines through in the artisans they’ve chosen to work with or how they found that beautiful vintage necklace you’d never expect to love. They are Collecting Mindfully not only for themselves but for the Hand Meets Sky collector. Giving them the opportunity to make a connection to something beautiful and a chance to create a loving memory or experience of their own.

That is the essence of Collecting Mindfully!
- Ruben Leal
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