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The cozy season is upon us...Hand Meets Sky celebrates this by sharing a couple of my own favorite things that inspire my morning ritual that sets the tone for the day.   

In our home, the early mornings start with Hanselmann Pottery. Hanselmann Pottery is a brand that began in the 1970's in the scenic town of Corrales, New Mexico.  As an Interior Designer and collector of pottery, I am a huge fan.  The admiration of Hanselmann started decades ago...My Parents have a collection of Hanselmans that has fond memories for me with Hand- Thrown Platters that we use for homemade treats and family dinners...

My husband, Daniel and I recently had the privilege of touring Hanselmanns gallery and studio a couple of weeks ago.    The staff was so welcoming and kind. Every piece of their collection is entirely crafted by hand. To see the smiles on the potters faces, while they work, you can actually feel the love that goes into each piece.  

 One of the most unique traditions about Hanslemans is that they still continue to use an "on your honor" system in the gallery.  Customers are encouraged to freely browse the hand-thrown Stoneware and if they want to purchase, they simply fill out a form, slip payment info into the dropbox and take their purchases home to enjoy. It's these thoughtful touches that make what they do such an experience. During the tour, we were able to view the creative  process and how the lovely and minimal designs are created to highlight food and home decor in a modern way.  It was remarkable. 

The Hansleman pour over coffee pitcher is a new favorite in our own home and makes the morning ritual delightful.  The beautiful white speckled pitcher was designed with the concept of the joy found in slowing down, enjoying the process and the moments.   The whole method takes about 3 1/2 minutes and then the real reward comes.  The pitcher is not only stunning and looks gorgeous in your space but it is effortlessly efficient.  It comes with a Stainless Steel filter for the pour over. The idea for this pitcher was also inspired by a partnership with Hanselmann Pottery and Candlestick Coffee.  A small batch roaster just a block down the road in Corrales, NM.  When we learned this, we had to try it for ourselves.  This coffee is the best coffee I have ever tasted. Much like Hanselman, Candlestick Coffee takes care and time with the artisan process, highlighting  quality over quantity. Candlestick Coffee in the Hanselmann pour over is truly a standout.  

If you find yourself here in New Mexico, I would highly encourage you to visit the Hanselman space and while you're there, take a stroll down the road to Candlestick Coffee and grab a fresh bag. The sign there reads "Shine your light". How beautiful is that?! 

Photography by Kayleigh Maes Schroeder


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