Mexico City

Mexico City

We have a list of Next Top 10 destinations and Mexico City has been on there for quite a while. A city that has always come highly recommended that we have been dying to visit. We celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary there.  As soon as the countdown began, we started to compile a list of  recommendations from some of our friends Esoteric Survey and Dutch (check them out!) as well as friends that grew up there. We took things from each of their lists of favorites and if you ever plan on going, definitely check out their advice. It did not let us down.

Upon arrival, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful bright colored buildings in turquoise, avocado green, lapis blue, hot pink. purples and lilacs. Fresh Marigolds were everywhere. There is such a European feel to the city. Sophisticated, interesting and vibrant. The people were warm-hearted and genuine. We stayed in the area of Condesa at the  Hotel Condesa DF, an absolutely gorgeous place that you could easily stay indoors at if the electric city wasn't calling your name.

Mexico City is massive (23 million people) and to see it all in a few days would be impossible. We chose to spend most of our time exploring a few areas with the exception of some of our must see attractions. The Basilica, Diego Rivera's stunning Murals at the Palacio Nacional, Frida and Diego's Studio and residence in San Angel. We enjoyed getting  to know the city by wandering around and adventuring the unexpected.  

We loved how GREEN the city was. Trees and plants are everywhere.  Especially in the charming neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma. It is truly these beautiful trees that help to create the magical light that is everywhere. Shadows and light constantly dance with each other throughout the day. So much beauty and rich culture.  

My cousin and a group of her friends happened to be in town at the same time and we were able to enjoy drinks and laughs at the upstairs patio bar of The Hotel Condesa. Just the night before, they had diner at Pujol one of the top 5 restaurants in the world. Which leads us to the FOOD!

To name a couple of standouts. Rosetta is one of the most delicious and romantic restaurants we have ever been to. They have a sister bakery just across the street that we had to visit more than once. We were given a recommendation for a local taco place in Condesa from the Front Desk staff and were treated to some of the most amazing Pastor and Rib Eye tacos. Delicioso. Breakfasts wherever you went were always filled with some of the most colorful and freshest  fruits and juice choices.  From fine dining to casual and quaint sidewalk eateries, Mexico City has it all and then some.

We always try to hit a couple of vintage & Home stores wherever we go and Void in Condesa was definitely one to see as well as GoodBye Folk Vintage in Roma. Onora in Polanco was a dreamy home store. All of these stores are on another level.

We cannot stop saying how genuine and loving the people were that we met. So much style and richness to this place. Every restaurant and shop was playing great music (50's and 60's rock as well as Cumbia in the Uber's). The city is alive and you FEEL it.  We Felt it. If you haven't been, go and feel it for yourself. You will thank yourself. #collectmindfully








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