Music To Our Ears- Charity Brown

Music To Our Ears- Charity Brown

It was a Sunday a few weeks back when we stumbled on a beautiful food market in the neighborhood and sat on the grass to listen for the first time to Charity Brown. Immediately we fell in love with her style and sound and knew we had to learn more about her. She graciously accepted our request to be part of our latest photo shoot  and also answered a few questions (all details below). We hope you take a few moments to get to know her and her music (link also below) like we did. She's absolutely darling and you're in for a treat.
HMS: Who is your favorite Musician and why?
CB:  My favorite artist has always been Amy Winehouse, even before I had the ability to understand her content. I was always intrigued by her voice, because I'd never heard anything like it before. And when I began to dive into her lyricism, everything was so raw yet eloquent. I've always loved that about her.
HMS: What inspires you?
CB:  I'm inspired by everything happening around me. I say this because I find myself writing about completely different topics and ideas than I was a year ago, and I'm sure in a year I'll be writing about something completely different than I am now. Experiences and storytelling inspire me to create and document the life happening within me and around me.
HMS: How would you describe your music?
CB:  Whenever someone asks me what kind of music I make or how I would describe it, I get so flustered. I think this is because I'm not very sure yet. I can't say the music I make is the kind of music I aspire to make (jazz, bossanova, r&b) because I'm still developing a sense of style. But I'd say the music I've been releasing has been more pop and indie influenced.
HMS: Who is on repeat in your current playlist?
CB:  Lately I've been obsessed with Noname's new album "Room 25". She's a Chicago based rapper, often referring to herself as a lullaby rapper because she doesn't embody the aggressive, barky rap you would expect. She's a poet more than anything and her lyricism is on a level I can't even completely comprehend.
HMS: When you’re not playing music you are.....
CB: When I'm not playing music, I'm listening to music haha, or analyzing it, or thinking about it. My friends always send me new music, or stuff they've been working on so there's always something new. Music has seeped into the very cracks of my being and it occupies my mind more than I anticipated. But don't get me wrong, I love reading, writing, and painting. I also make my own clothes and love to roller blade. A day with friends at the beach is my favorite way to spend a day from music. 
Here's a link to a song I released earlier this year titled 'Better' produced by Jay James:
Photo Shoot:
Photography by Angela McCaw Evans
Vintage Clothing by Crawford Denim and Vintage
Makeup by Andi Ojeda
Clothing by Mimi & Red Boutique 
Dusty Pink Hand Dyed Headscarf by Mr. Bluesky
Jewelry by Hand Meets Sky
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