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When I began curating this Collection, the word ritual came to mind.  The simple act of choosing an adornment to wear.  The feeling it evokes, the visual it creates and the ritual of choosing "just the right piece" for the occasion.  This Collection is meant to honor just that.  Choosing one of these precious Vintage jewels because of the story told before, the story it will tell and the story yet to be discovered.  Per usual, each piece in this collection is authentic, genuine and timeless.  Just like the memories you create wearing them.  The carefree way you choose to layer your necklaces with thought behind it or the way you wear a statement piece every day.  HMS encourages that.  Each ring, each bracelet, each pair of earrings, each necklace is meant to be lived in, enjoyed and thought of.  The art of dressing and being in your skin.  I hope you love it and find it just as special as I do.  xx, Krista
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