Inspired By

I am thrilled to launch our newest Capsule Collection for you.  This Capsule Collection was inspired by a Collaboration with our lovely friend Rachel Ehlin- Smith of Mr. Blueskye. 

Rachel has Hand Dyed Silk Robes/Capes and crafted meticulously handwoven belts from Mulberry Silk and Vintage Thread circa 1965 from Japan.  The Colors! The Beauty!  

The Robes/Capes are available in 3 Incredible options Desert Sunset (Gold/Purple combo) Lilly Pond (Blue, Green and Pink) and Hand Meets Sky (Turquoise, named after Yours Truly I am so very honored)

Her creations inspired this HMS Collection evoked by nature, individuality and the happiness that one feels when draped in your most beloved pieces. 

You will see jewels in Golds, Deep Blue Turquoise, Vintage, Hand Beaded Earrings with Gold Filled Earing loops, many one of a kind pieces. All thoughtfully chosen to make your heart sing.