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HMS X Doug Behner “Groovy” Napkins Pack of 2

HMSx Doug Behner and Friends joined forces to create a small batch of gorgeous, Natural Dyed 100% Cloth Napkins.  

 Hand Dyed, in Pomegranate, Iron, Indigo, Cinnamon, Avacado or a combination of most.   

The “Groovy” Napkins are Indigo Dyed.

Doug Behner envisioned the concept, the layers and the message. As a group we spent time lovingly dying each piece by hand, enjoying the moments and the outcome.

Each Napkin can be used and reused in many different ways. IE: Fruit Basket liner, Tea Towel, Cloth Bundle, Bread Basket and of course, Cloth Napkins

And just like the imperfections that we all have, each Napkin is one of a kind, not designed to match another but to belong together, unconditionally.

Steamed from the idea of the Beauty of Love is that it is imperfect.  Once you see that beauty, you are in the zone.  Be Present.. Give Love.. Zone in.  

Encouraged to be mixed and matched.

Groovy - Pack of 2

Each Napkin is 20 x 20

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