Hand Meets Sky Jewelry Care

1.  All Hand Beaded Earrings and bags should be carefully stored. Store each piece separately or lay flat so the beads do not become tangled when not wearing or using, each bead was hand placed by the artist, please handle with care.

2.  Always keep your jewels in a closed box or bag to prevent scratching, oxidation and tarnishing. Sterling Silver will tarnish, some people love the look of that, if you do not, please take your jewels to be cleaned by a trusted professional jeweler.  

3.  To protect your Turquoise jewelry and any other jewelry, we recommend that you remove your rings/jewels when washing your hands, swimming, showering, etc. Water makes any stone unstable. 

4.  Vintage and handcrafted jewelry, bags, etc. are fragile. Please treat them and wear with care.